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You may be one of those who watched the documentary Secret d'Histoire

by Stéphane Bern on the life of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux in May 2020?

There is a passage on a common practice at the time which has unfortunately fallen into oblivion: the Martin family used to receive people in need at their table, once a week, and this was known. .

Anyone can easily revive this tradition by expanding it.

to all those who suffer from lack of relationship in an individualistic society.

The site gives you the principles - fraternity, gratuity, benevolence… - and the tools to join a network of tables or to create one. It also offers a forum for exchange so that experiences can be shared.

The idea is brought by the association Les tables fraternelles, knowing that this name is not registered and belongs to all people of good will.

Fraternal tables already exist, generally carried out in a community framework (parishes, associations), it is a question of broadening the concept.

Let's open our table to the unknown, create links, sow seeds of humanity and enrich ourselves!

The mission

Make the principle of the Fraternal Tables known to as many people as possible,

so that places flourish everywhere.

All the explanations here:

Déjeuner en famille
Notre mission
Amis qui trinquent


A charter guarantees that the meetings take place in a truly fraternal spirit, for the mutual benefit of the welcoming and the welcomed. They are simple and common sense, you can find them by clicking here:

* The rules of good conduct between welcome and welcome are given on the back of the flyer serving as a support for contact

They need you !

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Lonely, destitute, students in difficulty, the elderly, the possibilities for doing good and for oneself are endless:
through your active participation by becoming a host, at your own pace, according to your availability or by managing the local secretariat ...
You can also, with a small financial support, help us to disseminate these initiatives for the benefit of the greatest number.

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